Vodafone to Aircel Porting Procedure | Porting to Aircel from Vodafone

 How to Port from Vodafone to Aircel online

Porting your mobile number is easier than ever. Now you will be able to avail the online porting system in order to shift from Vodafone to Aircel. To get into this process, user should have got documents supporting ID and Address

  • A valid photo identity card
  • A valid residential proof
  • A valid age proof

The advantage of online porting is that  customer may not change their phone number; instead all He/She has to do is to apply online and get a new Aircel SIM for yourself.

How to apply for porting from Vodafone to Aircel online

The first step is to go to the online portal for the porting of numbers. All the network providers of the countries are listed here. You will find two menus, with different drop boxes. In the first one, you have to choose the present connection provider. Here, you have to select Vodafone. In the other, you have to choose the desired network, where you shall select or choose Aircel. After doing so, you will find another drop box where you need to select the location. All the Indian states are listed up there and you just need to select your respective state.

After this, you will have to fill up an online form that will appear on the screen. You will get a unique porting code and this will be valid for 15 days, until the entire process of porting is complete. Once you submit the online form, you will be able to track the progress on the portal.

The new connection available for your use

After a few days, you will get a new SIM card, and this you have to insert in your device and remove the old SIM card. After completing the activation process, the Aircel SIM, will be ready for use. You will be suing your old number with the new connection. The process of online porting is easy and you need not visit the retailer time and again.

Things you have to fare thee well while applying for the port from Vodafone to Airtel:

  • There ought not to be any pending sum due in your record
  • Your number should be free from any lawful issues and court activiti
  • Your number should be of least 90 days old to end up qualified for any porting demand
  • You need to inquire as to whether regardless erroneously the number possession is pending
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