Tamil Nadu Elections 2016 Opinion Polls

Tamil Nadu elections 2016 opinion polls

The name of the Madras state was changed to present day Tamil Nadu in the year 1968. The state was formed in 1950 after India’s independence.  Since then there have been assembly elections and the state was lucky to have many chief ministers who worked hard to bring change and progress in all the major sectors concerning the development of the state. This year’s assembly election is approaching and political parties are preparing themselves to foray in the elections. There are many discussions all around. On the internet, you will find many agencies doing Tamil Nadu elections 2016 opinion polls. They are a kind of predictions for the 2016 assembly elections. One can vote in the web pages of opinion polls and participate in the predictions for the elections.

Most probably, the election will be conducted in the ending week of April or in the first week of May but the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections 2016 predictions and analysis have already been begin. Prior to elections, there will always be discussions about the elections and the possibilities of winning a party in a certain constituency. Which party is going to win the maximum number of seats? Who is going to be the next chief minister? Such and such candidates will win or nor? Many such questions will always be part of discussions about the election results of 2016.

The PWF is an alliance formed by several political parties of the state are still in talks about sharing the seats in the coming elections. The DMDK is said to have an alliance with the PWF bringing in a lot of tumult in the political situations of both the parties. In the past, the DMDK was among the PWF discarded parties for an alliance with the PWF. DMDK party supported the Amma party. Now, every party in the front and outside is trying to have an alliance with the DMDK. This is something remarkable happening in the state of Tamil Nadu because earlier it was thought that captain party would fight in the latest elections alone and the support of BJP would go to the Amma party. Who will win Tami Nadu elections 2016?

Predictions about elections go on the minds of people and they have the right to express it as their opinions. As per several Tamil Nadu elections surveys, the party of the present chief minister Jayalalitha, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam will achieve more seats and the rest of the parties will only acquire less of them. It is hard to predict for a coalition at this time. Many have the opinion that the Amma party will have the majority of seats, 134 out of total 234 seats. The figures vary as per the different opinion polls conducted. Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam , the party behind Vijaykant and the parties forming the third front will win 30 to 35 seats. After the Amma party, the second party, likely to win more seats is DMK headed by the veteran politician M Karunanidhi. His party will around 70 seats. The party is reported to form an alliance with BJP. The predictions say the success of BJP and other parties will share the remaining seats though there has also been a disbelief among the opinion poll voters that BJP will be successful in this elections. The captain is to have an alliance with BJP if he is nominated the candidature of the chief minister. The real result will uncover when votes are counted and results are announced.

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