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The way we perform transactions is expected to be changed with the new Unique payment interface designed by National Payment corporation of India, UPI app points country towards the most cashless models. Say good bye to receivers account numbers and their branch IFSC codes because Unique payments interface requires only one virtual payment address to share money, Unlike other payment apps this app can be used to draw money from another account using the pin of other account. Using SBI UPI app eliminates the use of cards as both the payments and acceptance of money will be done with this app without the need of other devices.

SBI UPI app download:-

Make payments to friends or shopkeepers at the spot by using SBI UPI app, To use this app it should be downloaded from google play. After installing state bank of India UPI app authenticate your mobile number through a text message. Restrict anyone from accessing your application by creating a passcode to the application. Connect your bank account to the SBI UPI app ,Provide details such as account number ,name and last 6 numbers of debit card along with the expiry date.

SBI UPI Android app Download:-

SBI UPI app can also be used to ask payments ,Add the persons virtual identity and fill the amount that you are willing to request also set a deadline for the notification alert before sending payment request.SBI has not yet released its UPI app but still their users can be connected to unique payment interfaces of any other banks.

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