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Punjab National Bank UPI app:-

Eliminate the need of providing account number or beneficiary details by transferring cash through Unified Payment interface app, which are compulsory if you transfer cash through mobile or net banking. Just the virtual ID of the customer or merchant is enough to make payments or transfer funds, This UPI app makes payment quicker and easier. Punjab National Bank shortly know as PNB had launched United payments interface app which enables all the PNB customers to transfer money instantly and eliminates the need to visit a bank, PNB UPI app can be used both on android and smart phones.


Convert your smart mobile into cash transfer machines or bills payments medium by using Punjab National Bank UPI app, All you need is a valid PNB app installed on your device and a virtual id created on your account to send and receive funds in a fraction of seconds or make payments for retail purchases, These transaction can be done irrespective of Punjab national bank banking hours i.e. 24/7.Money can be sent to other countries if the receiver has UPI app installed in his smart phone. PNB UPI app available on Google play store must be downloaded and installed to use these instant services.

Punjab National Bank UPI android app download:-

Once the Punjab National Bank UPI android app is downloaded from play store you need to open it and create a virtual ID by entering your PNB account details. Select the amount to be paid and add details of beneficiary and choose send option, Funds will be transferred immediately after confirming the details through password send to registered mobile.

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