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How to port Vodafone to Reliance

These days, people port from one network to another very frequently. Previously, one had to visit the retailers in order to port the numbers. Now, you will be able to port the numbers online. If you want to port to another telecommunication network, you can now avail the online portability process. The process is very simple. The process is given below in a few simplified steps:

Type < Port > < space> < mobile number > from your mobile and send it to 1900 in order to inform your current operator that you wish to port. You will be charged as per the rates of your operator.

Porting to Reliance from Vodafone

After a while, you will receive a text from the number 1901. This code will be valid for 15 days and is known as the unique port code or UPC. This code will be needed for the process of porting your Vodafone number to reliance. You can also port Vodafone to Reliance online. Next, you need to go online and fill up the customer application form. You will need certain documents for this purpose, which include your address proof, age proof and identity proof. The form will be submitted to the operator and you will have to wait for about five to six days in order to get the number ported.

Vodafone to Reliance Port Number

You will get a Vodafone to reliance portability number, which will be required to port the existing number to Reliance. However, you will have to continue with Vodafone for the next few days. Once the application is accepted and the details are verifies, you will be able to use the new network. The process is as simple as that. So, you just need to go online and fill up the form, however, one has to be careful while filling up the form and avoid errors in the documents.

Reasons which can reject application of porting from Vodafone to Reliance:

  • Bill outstanding at time of porting request
  • For any existing contractual obligations
  • Porting request made for across all circles.
  • Porting request made within less than 90 days time from activation
  • Request pending for ownership transfer on number
  • If the number is legally prohibited for porting  and is under judicial enquiry

Make sure your number is free from any such above mentioned issues while you decide to make application for porting from Vodafone to Reliance connection.

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