Pay Gas bill using Paytm

Pay Gas Bill Using Paytm:- What if you have booked gas and don’t have sufficient amount when the billing agent visits your home with a full cylinder because Paytm offers the convenience of paying gas bills online from your mobile. The wallet has been launched for the comfort of the customers, there is no need to keep adequate cash at home if you pay gas bill using Paytm. Whether it is online shopping or bill payment, Paytm can do any type of remittance in fraction of seconds and it won’t take much time like other payment websites. Paytm allows you to save your hard earned money through cash back schemes, Coupon codes related to these offers can be sourced from several online websites. How to Pay Gas Bill through Paytm:- As majority of the customers are using Smartphone, Paying gas bill through Paytm will be very easy for them. One need to download the app and install it on the phone and complete registration process with a valid mobile number. You don’t need to maintain balance to make remittance with Payment wallet; you can use this as a gateway to pay using debit card, credit card or internet banking. Just go after the steps mentioned below to pay gas bill through Paytm if you are fed up with the process of offline bill payment. 1. Click on the Gas feature that you can see in the welcome page of Paytm app. 2.In the next step you need to select operator, below that you can find promo codes with various offers. Select the code that you like. 3.The next step is you should enter Consumer number and advance further to complete payment process. If you wish to use promo code, you must enter it in this step. 4.Successful /unsuccessful transaction will be intimated by Paytm through message and notification in the wallet.
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