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UPI app provides an option to pull and push transactions for different purposes like paying bills, It is the government strategy to reduce the use of cash and increase electronic payments as a path to improve financial addition. RBI recent analysis reveals that number of cashless transactions per an individual stands just 6 per year ,UPI app has been designed with an aim to increase such non cash transactions and collect appropriate tax from customers who are escaping it. ICICI, a leading private sector bank in India recently launched  its Unified Payments Interface and named it as “Pockets” which can be used to make payments or collect them using  virtual payment address.


Suppose if we consider mobile wallets, One customer might be using patym and other might be using mobiwik. Money cannot be transferred from one wallet to wallet belonging to another organization. But all such transactions are  possible with unified payment interface because it expands from banks to other financial institutions. You can even download one banks UPI app say HDFC app and use another bank account say Axis bank  details and make transactions. But there is no need for ICICI customers to do so as it already released ICICI Pockets  UPI app.

ICICI UPI app download:-

ICICI UPI transactions are very low cost they charge RS.0.45 for each transaction, These charges will be further reduced  if all other registered banks become a part of this smart mobile payment system. The ease of using Unique payments interface app after downloading and installing it will enable customers to pay their bills digitally without using paper cash. With ICICI pockets app users can also  book movie tickets and recharge their mobiles.

Download ICICI UPI (Pockets App)

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