Transfer Money Through Online SBI | SBI to Others Online Money Transfer Procedure

How to transfer money through online SBI

Online banking has become very popular, as it is a simple way to transfer your money. Online ways to send money is collectively called electronic transfer of funds. What is online fund transfer? How to transfer money online-SBI? Everybody knows what a physical fund transfer is. When you do it online, it is called online fund transfer. Using your online SBI savings bank account, you can transfer money to another SBI account. The SBI internet banking does not only give you the option to pay online while you shop online but it provides options to transfer money from one of its accounts to another account.

SBI Money Transfer Online Using Net Banking

You can send money to your friends and family. In transferring your money, you have to add the beneficiary first and then send the money. Once you add a beneficiary, you can send money to him or her as many times as you desire. How to transfer money online through SBI internet banking?

  1. In order to transfer money you have to add the beneficiary or the recipient and for that, you need to log into your SBI account. Therefore, launch your browser, open the website, and log into your account with your username and password. SBI-INTERNET-BANKING-LOGIN-USERNAME-PASSWORD
  2. After logging into your account, choose Profile tab at the top by clicking. It is the fifth tab from My accounts. Then select Manage beneficiary from several options displayed. SBI-Internet-Banking-Profile
  3. The page that opens asks for the Profile Password. Enter the password and press submit.
  4. Now, you will see three options namely Intra Bank beneficiary, Inter Bank Beneficiary and State Bank Group beneficiary. Choose Intra Bank Beneficiary as you are adding a beneficiary of the same bank, SBI. In case you want to transfer money to a recipient who has his account in a bank other than SBI then you can choose the second option. The third option can be chosen if you want to send money to any of the banks in the State Bank Group.
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