How to Port from Vodafone to Airtel Online | Porting Process

Prcoedure to Port from Vodafone to Airtel online

Now, porting of numbers from Vodafone to Airtel is easy. Many people have used Vodafone to Airtel port number in order to shift from one operator to another. You will need to follow some basic steps, which are given as follows in order to avail Vodafone to Airtel porting online. The instructions are given as follows and easy to execute.

First of all, you have to visit the portal where you will get the option Port Vodafone to Airtel prepaid/postpaid if you wish to port to prepaid services, click on prepaid and if you need postpaid services, click on postpaid. After this, you will have to follow some simple steps, as per the instructions given online. It will take just a short while.

Vodafone to Airtel Portability Number

You will have to send a text to 1900, with the < Port > < space> < mobile number > in the proper format. You will get a code which will be valid for fifteen days. In order to affect no. portability from Vodafone to Airtel online, you will have to fill up the form. In the portal, you will find the application form which looks like the ones used by the retailers. When you finish filling up this form, submit it online. You are supposed to have some documents, like photo identity, address proof and residence proof.

Vodafone to Airtel Porting Online status and application form

After submitting the form, you will have to wait for a few days before the number is finally ported. You can check the Vodafone to Airtel port status from the portal itself, and this will keep you updated to the progress of your request.

The online application process is easy and simple. All you need is a few documents and a basic knowledge of internet. When you get the new connection, you will be able to switch to Airtel completely.

Things you need to take care while applying for the port from Vodafone to Airtel:

  • There should not be any pending amount due in your account
  • Your number need to be free from any legal issues and court actions
  • Your number need to be of minimum 90 days old to become eligible for any porting request
  • You need to ask if in any case mistakenly the number ownership is pending

Once you get a positive revert above 4 points then you are completely eligible to make application for porting from Vodafone to Airtel and in any other service provider.

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