How to download e aadhaar card with enrolment number

How to download e aadhaar card using enrolment number

Having applied for a new Aadhar Card and not yet received it, you need not worry. There are options in the official website through which you can download the PDF format of the Aadhar Card. to download the Card you need enrolment number. Look at the following steps portraying How to download e aadhaar card with enrolment number.

Aadhar Card Download using Registered Mobile Number, Enrolment No (Acknowledgement Slip)

  1. Head to the official website and click on Apka Aadhaar, which comes on the right-hand side. Then look for an orange button labelled Aadhaar Services on the left of the newly opened page. Press it with your mouse a website will open. Here on this page, press on “Get e-Aadhaar” tab on the top.
  2. You will see three options – the first one is Get E-Aadhaar. The second one is Get Aadhaar on mobile and the last one is check Aadhaar status. At the top, you will see that two choices you have to opt for. The first one is EID and the other is for downloading e aadhaar card with aadhaar number.
  3. Pressing the second option, Get Aadhaar on mobile, allow you download e aadhaar card with registered mobile number. To demonstrate the steps, choose EID, on the page fill in your EID, Full name, PIN code, the verification text and your mobile number and depress Get One Time Password grey button. Clicking “confirm” in the dialogue box that turns up, you will receive the OTP on the mobile number you have just specified. Enter this OTP and press “Validate and download”. Selecting the first option lets you download e aadhaar card with OTP on the mobile number you have entered. Registered mobile no is not required.

Note: In the third step, download e-aadhaar card by mobile number, not the registered mobile number, is described. After downloading your electronic copy in PDF format, when you open it, it will ask for a password. The password is your PIN code.

E-Aadhaar Card Download using UID Number

UID no is nothing but your Aadhaar number. For downloading the E-aadhaar card download using UID no, you must have either the UID or the enrolment number. Enrolment number, you can find from the acknowledgement slip. If you have the enrolment number then you can look for your unique Aadhaar number (UID). For that click on the Find UID/EID button and select Aadhar number.  Fill in the details under the heading Step1 Personal Details. Then click on Get OTP. Under the step 2, Type in the OTP you have just received and press on Verify OTP. Either the registered mobile number or the email id must be used to receive the OTP. After verification of the OTP, the UID or the Aadhaar number will be sent to your mobile number or the email id depending on what you have chosen to fill in the form.

Applying for an Aadhar Card is not mandatory. There are no hard and fast rules stating that every citizen must possess the Aadhar Card. It depends on the individual to decide whether to apply for it or not. Correspondingly, the government and private organisation may or may not add Aadhar Card as an important document to avail their services. The Aadhar Card cannot be duplicated because of its uniqueness of the Aadhar Number. Rumour has it that the government of India is thinking of connecting Aadhar with the voters ID card to eliminate fake voting.  Nowadays, we can see from experience that Aadhar Card is becoming a special document in applying for anything from gas connection to school admissions.  Well, it depends on your wise decisions to have it or not. There are ample ways the UID website helps you to apply for the card and update details on it. it is only because in the future of this country the card is going to have more value than it has today.

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