How to cancel order on Snapdeal | Cancelling order in Snapdeal app

How to cancel order on Snapdeal

Snapdeal, as you know, is an online marketplace where you can buy any merchandise from the comfort of your home or office. The company has all categories of products under one roof. There are many of them listed out on the e-commerce website, which you may choose to buy by paying them online. There are items that are sold on COD (Cash on Delivery). Sometimes you would feel to cancel the ordered articles you bought online initially out of a compelling reason. Having decided to cancel the order, you may be looking for How to cancel an order on Snapdeal. Worries apart as they are misdirected thoughts that eat up a lot of energy and they have no definite aim. Worrying will bring neither remedy nor a solution, so relax. It is not so hard to cancel your products. Following a few simple steps would do that for you. You may have your own reason to cancel the products you have ordered so not to have any feelings of guilt.

How to cancel order on Snapdeal before delivery

Perhaps, you may feel the need to cancel the products you have bought online before the shipping, how to cancel the order on Snapdeal. The steps below explicate the process of cancelling. Before reading those steps, it is important to know that the cancellation of the order for an automobile is not possible. You cannot change the dealer. The Pin code in your address aids in calculating the vehicle’s ex-showroom price and tax involved. Individual cancellation of the products sold as combos or sets is not possible. You may either cancel the whole product or choose not to cancel it. How to cancel an order on Snapdeal before delivery? The shipping is a process, which takes time for packing the order and sending it. The delivery time is the time taken for the ordered products to reach your address. It means we have plenty of time for cancelling the order before the delivery is completed.

How to cancel order in Snapdeal app android ios

Below are the steps for cancelling your order on Snapdeal. Smartphone users make up most of the numbers of online shoppers. There are no different steps for how to cancel the order on Snapdeal app. The same steps are applicable for cancelling through the app of the website.

  1. Open the website and enter your account.
  2. Get to My Orders section in My Account. It will show up your ordered items and against them, you will find Cancel if the delivery did not take place. Dispatched items will display a Cancel/Replace option. Click on the options whichever is applicable and make sure that you have not received the product selected for cancelling.
  3. Choose the reason for cancellation from the pull-down menu. Fill in your comments, confirm your request and submit it.

How to cancel an order on Snapdeal before/after payment?

The moment the cancellation request is received, the website will cancel your selected products as soon as possible. The selected products if not paid will automatically cancelled. Once you have paid, cancellation is possible by doing what is explained in the above steps.

How to cancel an order on Snapdeal after delivery?

This is something not possible if the product is received or delivered. In between shipping time and the time of delivery, you can opt for cancelling your order.  Some of the cases in which cancelling may not occur are trying to cancel something that is non-cancellable, as mentioned earlier in the case of automobiles. A COD order could not be cancelled if it is being processed. You cannot cancel a product for which you have already placed a cancellation request.

How to cancel order on Snapdeal using order number

Tracking order button can be found in my orders section for products you have ordered. Click this button to track your order in order to check if the delivery is completed. If it is not then you can cancel the product following the above three steps.

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  1. sir please cancel my order because i was book a order two times and i was pick my one order today so i cannot accept your courier

    so, please cancel my order my Order ID: 14601302989 and send the notifiocation to my persinnel mobile no. 9540179054

  2. मेरा आर्डर नं. 15264805424 suborder no – 19017751143 amount 510 कार कवर है कवर की बहुत ही खराब क्वालिटी है अत: प्लीज मेरा पैसा रिफंड करने की कृपा करे
    धन्यवाद. दिनांक 25-9-16

  3. I want to cancel my order no.15511108232 .order placed on 2nd October 2016.By mistake I have placed 2orders of the same product.I want to cancel one order.kindly cancel my one order immediately thank you .Rita Bhattacharya

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