How to cancel order on | Cancel my order in Amazon app

How to cancel order on

Amazon is a Seattle-based company established in the year 1995. Since then it has grown to what it is today, one among the fortune 500 companies and the largest e-commerce company in the United States of America. The secret behind the growth of this e-commerce company is innovation. The website offers selling of a variety of items from books to jewels. Through this site, you will be able to shop online for a number of items. Once you have ordered a few items on the website are later found to be brought to you by your spouse or is gifted by your relatives or friends. The present situation will make you wish that you should not have ordered for the items. For such situations, the website has given you the option to cancel the order, cancellation could be done between shipping and dispatching, and cancellation has been successful even after dispatching if you have not received the ordered items. How can you cancel the order on The steps are easy and they are not demanding much of your time. The steps involved are explained here.

Cancelling before the order is dispatched is simple and comes into effect soon and there are no chances that you will receive any of the cancelled orders or items. How to cancel an order on amazon before dispatch? Cancelling before the dispatching will surely ensure that the cancelled product does not reach your address for you to receive it. The process is same as depicted. The same steps below are for cancelling order on amazon through PC, how to do it.
  1. Log into your account at and find Your Orders in the Your Account drop menu. On your screen, you will see the orders you have placed.
  2. Check boxes are provided for each item on the order. Press on Cancel Items to cancel your order. Select the reason for cancelling from the drop-down menu on your screen.
  3. Now, press the Cancel checked items with your mouse. You see a message that the order is cancelled. Confirm your cancellation by looking in Cancelled orders on the Your Orders page. How to cancel the order on amazon after shipping. Cancelling after the order is shipped will not guarantee it but still the website offers an option for it.
The process involved in How to cancel an order on amazon India after dispatch is as follows. For this, you have to log in and get to Your Orders then push the mouse cursor on the Request Cancellation. Here, in this case, you will be refunded immediately after the cancellation request is processed. Meanwhile, if you receive the product just do not take it. It will straightaway go back to Amazon. In case, sellers dispatch your ordered item then you need to contact them for cancellation and you can contact them through Your Orders page.

How to cancel an order on amazon mobile?

Cancelling after the dispatching is a bit difficult through the app or other means but it can be done. Now, how to cancel the order on amazon app after dispatch? You will also receive the refund. While following the below steps to cancel the items delivered.  Here the steps shown are for android, windows and iOS.
  1. Open up your account.
  2. Get to Your Orders to find your order. For windows phones, you have to choose the time and press on continue.
  3. Press the Cancel item option in android or iOS. If you are not able to see the option Cancel item finger your way down to the bottom to see it. In windows, you have press on Order Details and then on Need to cancel an item. Confirm your cancellation at Cancel Checked Items. Just depress it with your forefinger.
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