How to cancel an order on Flipkart | Cancelling my order in Flipkart

How to cancel an order on Flipkart?

Searching “How to cancel an order in Flipkart without account” will not summon any favourable results since such a thing is not possible. Cancellation is feasible between shipping and delivery in Flipkart.  At times, you may cancel an ordered item when it is in the delivery process. In that case, if you do not receive the ordered item then you will get the refund as soon as it reaches back to Flipkart. It is always recommended to cancel the item while it is in the process of shipping because cancellation is definite to take place and the cost of the cancelled items will be sent back through the mode of payment you have chosen to order.

How to cancel my order in Flipkart

Cancellation is best effectual if you do it before or during the shipping process. Once it has entered the delivery process, the website does not guarantee any cancellation. If the ordered product is received at your end then cancellation is impossible. Now, How to cancel your order in Flipkart.? What is the exact process? It is explained in three simple steps below.
  1. The first step involves you to log into your Flipkart account and get to the page for ‘My Orders’ by selecting it from the drop-down menu near your Hi + your name.
  2. Spot the item you want to cancel and click on the ‘View Details’ against it.
  3. You fill find a cancel button. Press it with your mouse and specify the reason for cancellation. Confirm the cancellation at the end. Now you can check the status of the product at My Orders page. You will find that it is cancelled.
The instant the cancellation of an item is requested, it is the responsibility of the company to process it at the earliest and it. The cancelling of the order and its refund will take a maximum of few days. You will be receiving a message from the site. There are two modes of refund. The first one is the Flipkart wallet and the second one is Back to Source. Refund to the Flipkart Wallet takes place without more ado but for the other option, a maximum 10 days is required.

How to cancel order in Flipkart before/after payment

When you order an item of your choice, you need to pay for it. You can pay it either with Flipkart Wallet or other means. You will be said to place an order only after paying the price and the shipment charges. Of course, you can cancel it after that. There is no requirement of cancellation before the payment has been made. There are no how-to means to cancel COD order in Flipkart. Call up the customer care or else you have to deny the order when it reaches you. The Big Billion Day of Flipkart

The big-billion-day sale runs for a week or so and they offer exclusive offers with very low price. The offers for this sale are astounding ones. There will be items for sale for Rs. 1. Toys, fashion products and perfumes will sell at fifty percent of the price. Smartphones will have a 30 percent less of their normal price.  Apart from these offers, Flipkart will be providing several other offers, which will attract you to buy as soon as you see it. To view the entire offers during the sale, one must have a registered account on the website. Mostly during these days of sales, consumers face difficulty in cancelling and ordering of items. Due to low stocks of several items, the website may perhaps cancel your orders. Nevertheless, big billion day is like an online fair on the website.

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