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Federal Bank UPI app:-

Indian banking system is expected to undergo cutting edge changes in money transfer with the launch of Unified payment interface app. Digital payments have been increasing rapidly in the country, Yet some of them are still away from these payments systems due to lengthy process and hectic task of adding beneficiary details. Hence UPI app has been developed to increase number of digital payments and reduce cash flow which also reduces use of fake notes. Federal banks in the list of banks that started offering services through UPI app in first phase. National Payments corporation is behind this UPI app which is working with a vision of cashless future.

Federal Bank UPI android app :-

Federal bank Unified payments interface app is developed based on smart phone technology, That means to use its services you need to have a smart phone and UPI app installed in it. Federal bank has made this app go live on play store and the same can be found with the name Lotza. Accounts of different banks in single app is the concept behind Lotza app ,Lotza offers safe financial transaction between two different ban accounts through a single smart app. Lotza works on virtual id’s which will eliminate the need of remembering account numbers .

Federal Bank Lotza APP download:-

Are you in a journey or at a place far way from bank branch? And then your friend call up to transfer money on urgent basis, have you traveled in a card and no cash to pay him? Then don’t worry because you can pas cash through virtual id of respective merchant using UPI app, If you are a federal bank customer then downlad Federal bank UPI app to make instant payments.

Download Federal Bank Lotza UPI App

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