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Hyderabad Traffic E-Challan Check Status, Payment Online

Like the word jungle, the challan is also borrowed from Hindi. The English equivalent of challan is ticket. Challan, in this context, is the receipt you receive after paying a fine for any of the violation of traffic rules. Nowadays many of the government functions and procedures are becoming online.  Challans for violating traffic rules could be paid online. You can check online for challans on your vehicles. Here we are going to discuss the Hyderabad Traffic E-Challan pay online process and check through official website of Telangana Traffic Department. E-challan is the electronic form of the physical challan. It was in the year 2014 the e- challan systems was introduced to lessen traffic violation, find out the efficiency of police personals and punish violators.  Owners of vehicles in Hyderabad can pay their challans online. Drivers get a ticket or challan when they violate the traffic rules such as over speeding, driving on the wrong side and several others. There are fixed and handheld cameras used for shooting violation of traffic rules. The fixed cameras are mostly found near traffic signals. The cops use Handheld cameras in areas where there are no fixed cameras and where the traffic violation is likely to be high use cameras. The image shot will be one of the proofs of violation of rules.


E-Challan Hyderabad traffic payment online

The following steps elucidated will assist you in online payment of E-challan in Telangana through the official website www.echallan.org.

E-Challan Hyderabad fines check

  1. Enter your license no or registration number of your vehicle, type in the text displayed for verification on the above website and press on GO for E-challan check for Telangana registered vehicles.
  2. The challans details will be displayed on your screen. You can also view the image taken by the traffic control camera. Below the page, you will find three blue buttons labelled AP online, Net Banking and e-seva. You may choose any of them for paying your challan. For now, we will choose NetBanking. There is an option to report if you find the challenge vehicle does not belong to you or you are challaned two times instead of one.  You can also download Telangana E-challan app that is available for iOS, Android and Windows OS run phones.  Check for them in the corresponding online stores. The android version if the is available on the above-mentioned website.
  3. To pay the challan, select it by clicking on the radio-button in the table on the page. For now, click on the Net banking button.
  4. On clicking the Netbanking button, the next page will ask you to fill in your username and password and if you have not registered then register yourself by clicking on Register. You have to provide your username, mobile number, vehicle registration number and e-mail id.
  5. After longing for you will be displayed on a page, which lists out three categories of banks ICICI, SBH and Bill Desk. Check each of these to find your bank. You will find a link labelled Lists of Banks in each. Click it, look in for the name of your bank, and press the Make Payment button of that one in which your bank is listed under.
E-Challan Hyderabad Traffic Status Check and Pay Online

Note: Adjacent to the Make Payment you will see a Transaction status button, which you can press to check if the debited amount does not appear on the website. Be careful, there are no refunds for the money debited from your account. The website will take 24 hours to show up your updated payment of challan.

  1. Type your email id on the page that appears on your screen and press on the button for payment. When you do that, it will show up a message with a transaction reference number. Note it down before you and continue to pay. Then press OK. Select your bank, enter your bank details, and press on Pay Now.

For any e-challan related queries in Telangana, you can contact the following numbers 040-27852721, 040-27853416.

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