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How to Cancel Order in

Best Buy retails services, solutions and products associated with technology through the website and it has real stores in countries such as the US, Canada and Mexico as well. In this article, we are going to discuss #how to cancel an order on  There are different ways through which a product is delivered in Best Buy. The period for cancellation in most of the e-commerce websites lies between pre-shipping and pre-delivery date. Once the delivery has been made, cancellation is not possible. Here in Best Buy, every delivery method will have its own cancellation period. Products are delivered in Best Buy in the following methods.

Digital Content



Scheduled Home Delivery

Store Pickup


Express Shipping

Expedited Shipping

Bestbuy cancelling order process

Before requesting for cancelling Best Buy orders the buyer must learn that Orders for digital content like music and game download cannot be cancelled. Pre-ordered products that were ordered before five or more days of the release date can be cancelled at any time if the product is still in Pre-order. Likewise, the back orders can be cancelled at any time during the time the product is listed on the back order. If a pre-ordered product is ordered only before 5 or less than five days of the release date, it will depend on how it is delivered. Pre-orders for PC games cannot be cancelled within seven days of the release.  Home deliveries could be cancelled before the planned time of delivery and store pickup can be cancelled anytime. Shipping method of delivery would have only 30 minutes to cancel.  Expedited Shipping and Express Shipping have 1 and 2 days of cancellation period before the street date correspondingly.  Orders delivered through store pickup, home delivery and shipping cannot be cancelled online.

Bestbuy cancel order unable to verify information

Orders cannot be cancelled online if it has been processed for store pickup, home delivery and shipping.

The Best Buy cancelling order could be done in three simple and easy steps listed below. It is suggested to save or write down the order number of items ordered. The order number for Best Buy starts with BBY01

  1. Log on to your account in the website.
  2. Choose Orders under the My Best Buy.
  3. Press with your mouse on the order numbers of the products you want to cancel.

Best Buy cancel order status

If you have ordered without signing up with the official website then for cancelling order in Best Buy you need to Check Your Order Status of your order on the website and then cancel. There are separate options for buyers who have an account and for those people who have ordered by logging in as guests to order online. While cancelling mobile phones with service provider plans, you must specify whether the plans must be cancelled or not

Best Buy online order-return policy

As per the policy, products  which have 14 days return period are detectors, tablets, iPads, digital cameras, camcorders, projectors, monitors and computers. The rest of the products will have 30 days return time. For Reward Zone Program Premier Silver members it is 45 days irrespective what product it is.

The policy also lists out several items that cannot be returned are computer software, video games, music or movies, used and abused products, contributions for Pitch In Card, digital content, Prepaid Cards for phone, videos, photo or music and completed installation services.

On returning faulty items, incorrect items, or broken or smashed item will receive a refund or else you may choose a replacement for them.

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