Airtel to Idea Port | Porting to Idea from Airtel Process

How to Port from Airtel to Idea

The process by which you can change your mobile network to another network by keeping the number same is called Mobile Number Portability. This process is truly important and useful. Number portability happens to be very useful if you are in a different location or state. For this reason a difficult process for number portability is definitely not a welcomed thing. In India, the “Donor-led” system of number portability is used for making the process simple for the users. Here the customers directly contact the donor to receive the porting code and follow simple steps to get the number ported.

Learn about the process to get the porting done from Airtel to Idea

In case if you want to port your Airtel number to Idea then you just have to follow simple methods. You may choose to port between a prepaid to postpaid as well. You just have to send a SMS to 1900 in the format PORT <space> mobile number. Then you will receive an UPC code which you have to show to the nearest customer care centre. They will give you a form, which you have to fill up according to the instruction. The most important aspect of the process is the submission of right documents. You must submit the right documents, which are as follows:

  • Self attested photographs – To proof whom the connection will be given
  • Documents of ID proof and address proof along with signature –You can deposit Voter Id, Pan Card for ID verification and bank statement, telephone bill, tent agreement for address proof
  • Correctly signed mobile portability form
  • Duly signed and filled customer agreement form
  • Right operator name, UPC code and current mobile number

You should not miss any of these above-mentioned documents. These are very essential for finishing the process of number portability. Once you submit these, you will get a good guidance from the service provider. The process is easy and simple and you will never find it difficult to follow.

Before you take the final call for going for a port, stop for a second and think if this is actually needed or not. Speak to your service provider and find out if things can work out in your favour and if you can stick to this service provider without going for porting. If not, then the choice of porting is there for you.

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