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How to port Aircel to Reliance online

In the past when you needed to move to a different state or when the mobile provider gave substandard service, your safety hatch was to change service provider and invariably change your mobile number. Imagine when you have to travel frequently or change base every now and then. You landed with different numbers. This leads to frequent confusions for you as well as those who want to be in touch with you. ‘Which is the right number, why am I getting a different person answering the call’ were some of the headaches that came your way. With mobile number portability coming in, things have changed.

Aircel to Reliance Port/Portability Status Check:

Let us take a scenario of when you port Aircel to Reliance online. The process is very simple. You first need to obtain a Unique Porting Code (UPC). For this send an SMS to 1900 with a format ‘port<space>10digitmobilenumber’. For J&K call 1900 for UPC. Once you receive your UPC, port Aircel to Reliance prepaid/postpaid online by applying online with the desired service provider along with your UPC number. Validity of UPC number would be 15 days or when porting happens whichever is earlier except in J&K, Assam and North East licensed areas, where the number of days is 30. In this example, a new SIM card will be issued which can be used once Aircel to Reliance Port status is marked as complete.

Procedure for Mobile Portability Aircel to Reliance

While the process of Aircel to Reliance porting online procedure is this simple, the benefits are many. When you Port Aircel to Reliance online the competition toughens up for Aircel. If the reason has anything to do with the service provided, the message to the service provider is pretty simple.

You need to tidy up your act or you are going to lose some valuable customers. So when you Port Aircel to Reliance online, Aircel needs to keep tab on why, how can they prevent this from happening in the future. Thus mobile number portability marks an important point in the history of telecom where the consumer has more clout.

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