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Aadhar-Card-Update-Name-Change-Correction-Online Aadhar Card Name Change Online Update

Aadhar Card is not necessary for Indian citizens. It is voluntary for them to have an Aadhar Card but it is an important document and comes useful for applying for PAN card, Passport, opening a bank account and several others. Here in this article, we will be discussing “Name Change in Aadhar Card online”. The official website of UIDAI,, has an option to change name and other information on the Adhar Card. It is very important to change the name in your Aadhar Card if it has a different spelling or you have legally changed your name recently out of your personal belief in occult science or because of any other reasons.

Aadhar Card Name Correction Online

Updating of details could be done online if you have your registered mobile number with you. Aadhar Card Change Name update online requires the specified mobile number to receive the OTP. Without this mobile number, you cannot update or correct online your name or other details on your Aadhar Card. In addition to this, you must provide proofs of your name change for the update. The verification will be done based on the proofs you submit. Therefore, it is vital that you provide the faithful proofs. The updating of the details is done through the SSUP (Self Service Update Portal) in the UIDAI website.

Name Change in Aadhar Card Online Documents Required

Aadhar Card Name Correction online process/procedure is pictured in the following steps

  1. Go to This is the quickest way to reach the page for online update in SSUP.
  2. The SSUP page that has now opened will ask for the unique 12-digit Aadhar number. Fill the Aadhar number and press the Send OTP button. You will receive the OTP on your number specified at the time of enrolment, the registered mobile number.
  3. After that, insert the OTP on the next page to login to update or correct name and other details.
  4. After logging in opt for name from the options listed on the existing page on the screen and press the Submit button.
  5. Then put in your name that has to be updated. Enter the name in both English and the preselected dialect and make sure of the spelling in the local language. Push the Submit Update button.
  6. The following page will show the details inserted. Select proceed after checking the details and if you find any errors click modify.
  7. The next page will ask you to attach the proofs. There are about 23 valid Documents required for change of Name in Aadhar Card online. You need to provide the copy of one of these documents as proof for the update of your name. Under situations of legal name change, submission of a copy of your Legal Name Change Certificate is essential. Attach the scanned copies of your proofs and depress Submit using mouse.
  8. In the subsequent page, you will have the URN along with an update-finished message. Note down the URN. Aadhar Card Name Change / correction update online status check requires this URN.

As mentioned earlier Aadhar Card Name Change online without the mobile number is not possible. However, you can apply for the name change and mobile number registration by post or by visiting an Aadhar office nearby. For applying by post, applications and instructions for filling it could be downloaded from the website – Official website >Apka Aadhar> here you will find the links to download the application form and instructions. They are in PDF format. Take a printout and fill the form as per instructions. At the top of the application tick on mobile number and name. No proof is required for mobile number registration but proof of identity is necessary for name change. Fill in the application by reading the instructions and send it to any of the two addresses mentioned on the instructions page. Later you will receive an acknowledgement of the update.

Aadhar Card Name Change after marriage

A newly married woman’s name change can be updated online by providing the right documents as proof. The documents could be a combination of a proof of relationship and the spouse’s identity proof along with the applicant’s proof of identity. The rest of the procedure is same that of normal name change discussed above.

Aadhar Card Name correction update online status check

Checking the Aadhar Card Name Change online status after updating or correcting the name, go to the official website, press Aapka Aadhar and then press the yellow button and enter your URN(Unique Reference Number).

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