Aadhar Card Mobile Number Registration Process Online

AADHAR Card Mobile Number Registration Online:

Government of India  launched AADHAR card to digitally identify people for the primary purpose to track the social security of a citizen. It also serves as an address proof and proof of Identity.

You need to enter your valid mobile number while registering for AADHAR Card as it is important to perform tasks like to check AADHAR card status or E-AADHAR download, to change the address or to update your AADHAR data. AADHAR card mobile number can be updated in both online and offline modes and the procedure  for AADHAR Card mobile number registration online in mentioned in this post.

AADHAR Card Mobile Registration:-UIDIA provided individuals the option either to change the mobile number or to update the mobile number and you can perform the following tasks in two ways ie

  • Online
  • Offline
  • You can complete AADHAR card mobile registration online by visiting the official website and AADHAR card and for offline process you need to send post to  AADHAR card office.

Some people may forget to give their mobile numbers while registering for AADHAR card or in some cases they may change their mobile numbers ,For such candidates AADHAR card has brought the facility to change their mobile numbers or enter new mobile numbers either by online or offline procedure.

E-AADHAR card mobile registration online :-If your mobile number is not registered with AADHAR card then follow the below mentioned steps to complete E- AADHAR card mobile registration online.

Check your  AADHAR card mobile number status:-

  • To check whether your mobile number is updated or not with your AADHAR card visit the Aadhar card portal ie   https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/update
  • Enter your AADHAR number and security captcha asked below that and hit on send OTP
  • If your mobile number is registered with AADHAR card then you will get one time password from AADHAR card portal
  • If your mobile number is not registered you will get a message on the top of the page which state your number is registered on not.
  • You can Update your mobile number either by visiting nearest enrollment centre ,Through Online process or via offline mode.

After checking your mobile number status if your phone number is not linked visit the nearest AADHAR card enrollment center to update your AADHAR card  number and your mobile number is registered continue further to update your data.

AADHAR card Online Update mobile number:-

Step 1:-As mentioned above visit the link and check your mobile number registration status ,If it is registered then you will get OTP on your mobile ,enter it and login to the portal where you can update your details

Step 2:-Five options will be displayed , They are your name, Gender, Birth date and  Address, Mobile Number.

Step 3:-Tick on the box beside the Mobile Number for updating your Mobile Number to AADHAR Card and submit.

Step 4:-After submitting You will get a screen asking you to enter the new mobile number in the box provided. You can select language of your choice to continue the update process.

Step 5:-Ensure that you entered the correct mobile number as you get one time password to that number and click on “Submit the request”.

Step 6:-After hitting on Submit the request a screen will be appeared asking for the review of the details entered by you.

Step 7:-In this step you need accept the declaration asked by UIADI so review your mobile number, Click on Modify option to make any  changes in the mobile number. If your Mobile Number you enter id correct the choose  the declaration  and hit Proceed button to continue the update process.

Step 8:-In the final step confirmation screen will appear which shows a message that request is completed and below that the date of update and your mobile number will be displayed.

 Step 9:- A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile upon Submission of Mobile Number Update. You can download or print it by choosing the print or download file options.

Step 10:-Logout with this portal by clicking “Logout”, Your mobile number will be updated with AADHAR card after few days.

AADHAR Card Phone number Registration online:-If you have changed your mobile number due to some reasons, It is important to update your new number with AADHAR card. AADHAR card phone number online registration process is very simple and can be completed at your door step via online without visiting enrollment centers.

 Services of AADHAR card were started 5 years back from now and at that there was no compulsion on Mobile number registration with AADHAR. Even today some individuals have not  registered their mobile number is not registered. Mobile number should be compulsory registered as to carry out the updations in AADHAAR as like change of name, home address etc.

AADHAR Card Mobile NO registration online:-

  • AADHAR card provided by Unique Identification Authority of India is the most powerful identity proof for citizens of India. Enrollment for AADHAR is free of cost and it is the right of every individual to get their  AADHAR CARD generated. You can enroll for AADHAR card at your nearest AADHAR enrollment centers.
  • While filling the AADHAR AADHAR card for you need to enter your mobile number and you cannot register if you don’t provide mobile number and it is necessary to check the status of your AADHAR
  • If your mobile number is not registered with AADHAR card  then you cannot take the advantages of the  take advantage of online facilities given by UIDA.
  • Online facilities include update of citizens data, name change of candidate , correction of details if they are incorrect.
  • You can download a copy off AADHAR card from its website and for this you need to have you’re your mobile no registered with AADHAR card ,If it is not registered then do the AADHAR card mobile no registration online.
  • In case if you lost your enrollment number which can be used to download AADHAR card, Then mobile number can be used to download AADHAR card where you get OTP and you need it enter it in AADHAR card portal and download

Mobile number Online Registration With AADHAR Card:-If you already got your AADHAR AADHAR number then you can download AADHAR card easily but if you don’t have AADHAR AADHAR number then you need to have  your mobile number registered with AADHAR card to download E-AADHAR card .First offline process must be done  to register your mobile number with AADHAR

Once your mobile number is registered then you can update your number as many time as possible by online process. There is no need to send post to  update mobile number if you do Mobile number online registration with AADHAR card.

At the time of registration UIADI  employees  will take  finger prints of each citizens , scan their retina , thumb impressions of all the fingers and address proof of the registered individual to generate AADHAR number  number and give it .With AADHAR card record of every individual can be captured government  and it helps to look after security .Many Government benefit schemes are linked with AADHAR card number. So it is very important to get your mobile number updated with AADHAR Card.

Aadhar Card Mobile Number Registration Online

Initially, when the application was filled for applying for the Aadhar Card, the citizens were asked to fill in their mobile numbers along with their other information. Several of them filled and forgot their mobile numbers because they were either not in use or lost. The mobile numbers were either lost or not in use. Several others did not mention any mobile number at all in the application form. Most of us think that Aadhar Card Mobile Number Registration online is possible. Registration or Updating of mobile number is only possible through post or visiting the Aadhar Office nearby if you have not registered your mobile number at the time of enrollment.

What is the process for Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online Registration?

Without a registered mobile number, you cannot update any details of your Aadhar Card through the SSUP (Self Service Update Portal) online. Therefore, it will be in vain for searching how to register mobile number in Aadhar Card online? It is better to use that time to register your mobile number through post.

How to register mobile number in Aadhar Card

The offline process for registering the mobile number by post involves just four simple steps. It is important that you register your mobile at the earliest by following these steps mentioned below.

  • Download the application form and download the instructions pdf. There are also instructions in the form. Read both the instructions carefully before filling up the form.
  • Now, start filling the form regardless of what you want to update. You do not have to tick any of the options given above the form. Mention your latest mobile number at the appropriate field and put your signature wherever needed in the form.
  • As updating of mobile number requires no proof, send the application to one of the addresses mentioned in the instructions PDF downloaded along the application form. Additionally, for updating or correction of email and gender entail no proof to be submitted.
  • Acknowledgement about the mobile number updating/registration will reach you at the earliest after you have posted your request.

How to add link Mobile number to Aadhar card online is something impracticable to search for right how on the internet for the time being, such a process does not exist. Opting to apply registering mobile number through post or by visiting the Aadhar Card Kendra would be a better option than trying to do it online.  For the citizens who have forgotten to register their mobile number during the initial enrollment, the portal will provide an option to enter a mobile number for receiving the OTP. That entered mobile number will be the registered number for that Aadhar Card holder. He or she, whoever holds the Aadhar Card can update the details of the Aadhar with that mobile number in the future.

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