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Aadhar Card Correction Online Process

Sometimes, on newly issued Aadhar cards you may find some mistakes such as your misspelt name, incorrect date of birth, mistaken gender and wrong address. These details can be updated or corrected by Online Procedure for Aadhar Card Correction. Without a registered mobile number, you cannot update or correct online the information on your Aadhar Card. You can update your latest mobile number, as well. Hope you know what a registered mobile number is. It is that phone number, which you had written down in the form when you initially applied for Aadhar Card.

Aaadhar Card Correction Name and Address Change Online

Aadhar Card Correction Self Update Online

Aadhar Card Correction Online without mobile number

You do not have to get upset about it if you do not have it. Still there is a way, you can do Correction of Aadhar Card without Mobile Number either by visiting in person to the nearest Aadhar office or by post. For doing it by post you need to follow, the steps mentioned below. Update of the phone number does not require any proof.

1. For Aadhar Card Correction without mobile number go to the UIDAI website www.uidai.gov.in and click on Apka Aadhar under the search box.

2.  Download the application and instructions.

3.  Read the instructions carefully. Fill in the application as per instructions. The form has to be filled in Capital letters. In the application form, you need to choose the phone number to update it. Then put your form in an envelope and send to the apt address mentioned in the instructions. You do not require sending proofs for updating mobile number.

Other options on the correction form must be chosen if you intend to correct them. In that case, put the filled in application form and supporting documents in an envelope. Write down the Aadhar office address mentioned in the instructions page on the envelope. The addresses mentioned are according to the language you have used to fill in the correction application form. Please do not forget to mention your Aadhar Card Number on all documents. The list of proofs that has to be submitted will be in the instructions.

In updating or correcting by Online Procedure for Aadhar Card Correction, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number when you need to type it along with your unique Aadhar Number into the website to correct. Therefore, a registered mobile number is compulsory to request for an online correction of Aadhar Card.

Aadhar Card correction online with registered mobile number

The Procedure of Aadhar Card Correction Online is discussed here supposing that you have a registered mobile number with you or it is currently in use and is within your access.

1.    Launch your browser, open the UIDAI website www.uidai.gov.in and click on Apka Aadhar under the search box. There you will find a hyperlink, which read “Update Data Online”. Click on it and you will be directed to another web page in which you will find information on Aadhar card update. Below the page, you will find two options. The first one is “To submit your update/ correction request online please CLICK HERE” and the second one is “To submit your update/ correction request by post please CLICK HERE to download the correction form”. Click the first option.

2.  Now, you will be on the page with the address https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update.  By typing in this web page address in the address box of your browser, you can also directly go to this page by avoiding step 1.

3. Now, on the page, that is in front of your screen, type in you Aadhar number. You will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number.  Using that, you can log into your details on the current page on your screen.

4.  Now, you will be on a page with options listed for correcting Name, Gender, Date of birth, Address, Mobile and Phone Number. For instance, for Without Date of Birth Aadhar Card Correction, you have to choose the Date of Birth option.

5.   Pick whichever is relevant to you and press submit.

6.  A page containing an online form for correction will appear in front of you. You can fill this form in local language and English. It is recommended to fill in English. Fill all the details in the Current Details section. Cross check and press the button, “Submit Update Request”.

7. Now, you can see the page with the details you have typed. If everything is filled properly, click on the checkbox with a confirmation message and then click Proceed. If you find anything wrongly entered then you may click, modify to correct it.

8. Now the page for uploading the proofs will appear. Pick the type of documents from the drop down list. Upload your Online Aadhar Card Correction Documents depending upon what you have to correct or update. Press the submit button now.

Documents Required for Aadhar Card Date of Birth and Name Change (Correction)

Modifying your Gender and Mobile no will not require any proof. For modifying Name, Age, Date of Birth and Address, you need to upload the scanned copies of documents supporting your typed-in information under Current Details.

Correction Documents for Aadhar Online

For Aadhar Card Name correction, you will require a proof of identity with your photo on it.

For Aadhar Card Correction without Date of Birth, you can upload scanned copy of birth certificate or SSLC Book will do.

For address correction, you need to submit any Address proof.

9. You will see “Update Request Complete” message stating that you have successfully submitted your update request with Update Request Number (URN) mentioned. You will receive the same on your registered mobile number. You can now download the slip of updated or corrected Aadhar Card and for that; you have press the Download File Tab. It is advised to print it for your future use. You can log out now.

Note: URN will come in handy for checking Status of your “Online Aadhar Card Correction” update so keep it safe.

10.  You can check your Aadhar Card Correction online Status at the link https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/check-status after a week. Fill in the boxes your Aadhar number, URN, and click Get Status tab to know the status of your updated or corrected Aadhar Card.

By following these simple steps, you can correct #Aadhar Card Correction without Date of Birth, name and others. However, there is no other way for Aadhar Card Correction without Mobile Number except by post or visit in person to the Aadhar office. When you apply online the Online Status of your Aadhar Card Correction form can be checked using the URN and your Aadhar Card number. When you apply by post, you would receive the confirmation of the same by post.

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